How the Anti-Theft Power Cable Works

The Problem...

Property crime is a growing concern that is reflected in the increased use of insurance and the increasing cost of insurance against theft. A lot of expensive electronic equipment is vulnerable to theft; and traditional security measures have not been successful at preventing the theft of computers, printers, monitors, TV, stereo systems and expensive test equipment.

The Solution...

Newly patented, the Anti-theft power cable detects when the power plug is removed from an outlet and demands a password before the equipment will operate again.

What it does

Optical sensors are built into the power plugs ground prong. These sensors communicate to a control system by a signal on wires in the power cord. When the power plug is removed the imbedded control system activates an alarm in the equipment.

What makes it different

Stealing equipment with an integrated Anti-theft Power Cable is not rewarding. Without the password, a thief will have only parts.