Company History

1999: The Idea

Dr. Chapman developed the concept for the Anti-theft Power Cable when valuable new equipment was stolen from the engineering labs at SFU.

1999-2000: Development

With funding from ASI, Mark Zaacks a student was hired to work on the design and develop the lab prototype to support PCT and patent applications.

2000-2007: Patenting

2003-2005: Testing the Prototype

There have been three laboratory models constructed. Current research on the performance characteristics of the anti-theft power cable is underway at Simon Fraser University with two research assistants under the supervision of Dr. Chapman. A demonstration prototype was available as of November 3, 2003.

2001-2003: Beginning of the Company

Since 2001, friends and supporters of the Anti-Theft Power Cable and its potential to protect valuable equipment worked on business plans and introduced the product to potential angels, resulting in the incorporation of Parvonis Research Inc. in July of 2003.

2004: Presenting the idea

Parvonis Research Inc. presented the company and the device to the Angel Forum in November 2004, receiving valuable feedback from potential investors.

2005: Marketing begins

The Anti-theft Power Cable is introduced to potential manufactures with the capacity to integrate the cable into a wide range of products. A partnership is being sought.

March 2005: The Company Begins to Grow

TGL Holdings Inc. a company with a history of investing in new startup firms and backing innovative ideas invests in Parvonis Research.

July 2005: Introduction of the Product to the Security Industry

Parvonis is invited to present the new product to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security hosted by the National Research Councel and Canadian Trade Commission.

November 2005: Commercial Prototype is Complete

Looking slicker and demonstrating the features that can revolutionize the protection of electronic devices.