Management Team

The board directors of Parvonis Research Inc. also serve as chief operating officers and are responsible for securing the licensing agreements and all other professional services needed.

Dr. Chapman is a full professor in the School of Engineering Science of Simon Fraser University and the inventor of the Anti-theft Power Cable.

Ken Leight is an Investment Manager with TGL Holdings and has been actively involved in new business start-ups as an investor for the past ten years.

Marilyn Ota is a seasoned administrator, coordinator and entrepreneur with experience in all aspects of financial management, contract and community development, performance management, and evaluation.

For over 15 years, Brian Jones has been providing operational management for small and medium size business operations. He has worked with many federal-funding agencies, developed strategic plans, administered capital projects, ensured contractual obligations were fulfilled and managed day-to-day operations.

Margo has over 15 years of management and marketing experience with small to multinational business, running the day-to-day operations of a small marketing research firm, technical support in the field or sales and marketing with multi-national manufacturers.

Parvonis Research Inc. Directors The Management Team of Parvonis Research Inc.